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  • ST-20.2Roll machine

    Hobbing Machine ST-20.2 MEGA heavy-duty roller/Fixed dual-use precision hydraulic hobbing machine, in the roll-through roller thread or embossing can be the best production capacity. However, when rolling a short workpiece, you must match the automatic feeding system. This model can also be used in a fixed-length rolling, in the fixed-length rolling of the length of its roller depends on the roller thickness, and the workpiece will not be axial movement. Machine Features: 1, the use of rotary roller shaft to roll the workpiece. 2, processing time is short, production speed. 3, the use of sophi

  • Rolling Dies

    Trapezoidal teeth / TR10 4.0 2 Material part: In order to ensure the quality and the life of the roller cone, our company raw materials are used imported die steel (Japan, Sweden and other production), vacuum heat treatment, excellent wear toughness, strength beyond the other steel, toughness is the general steel Twice. Therefore, our rivalry rarely cracked and cracked. Processing part: Our key manufacturing equipment cone uses the most advanced NC five-axis CNC thread grinding machine and the Swiss imports REISHAUER thread grinder grinding, CNC lathes and so on. Detection of part of the use o

  • Automatic heavy cutting high sp

    CS Series Standard parts: 1,circular saw blade(1 pieces) 2, Steel brush Wheel (2 piece) 3, Working light (1 Group) 4, Toolbox (1 Group) 5, Operation Manual (1) CS Series Selection Accessories: 1. Chip-Cleaning Machine 2. Feeder Rack 3, the whole material rack 4. The chain-type material frame used for the plate workpiece ...

  • Circular saw blade

    Circular saw blade Produced by Japan and room, and room saw blades, is the world's most famous comprehensive tool manufacturers, which saw blade material is excellent, coupled with the unique system of saw technology, as well as leading ultra-thin saw blade design train of thought, to Europe and the United States saw blade products can match, more small cutting resistance, cutting the advantages of light, the most important is to reduce The loss of cutting materials, silent vibration reduction technology makes the cutting noise of saw blade less, cutting straight line, high chip, cutting face

  • ST-6S Rolling Machine

    The machine adopts electric driven by servo motor and ball screw grinding level of feed, orbit is USES the new type roller linear slide rail, in view of the rolled minor artifacts to design, whether it is a thread or spline all can meet the demand of rapid and high precision processing, and can be equipped with automatic system in accordance with the different process conditions. 1. Native features: 1. This machine adopts the speed difference between the top and bottom two teeth plates to make the workpiece. The advantage is that the speed and precision of the machine can achieve great product

  • Hobbing machine NST-20.2

    Hobbing machine NST-20.2 Magma's roll-on / fixed dual-purpose precision hydraulic hobbing machine can achieve optimized production capacity when roll-on rolling or embossing. However, roll-through rolling of short workpieces must be accompanied by an automatic feeding system. This model can also adopt the fixed-length rolling method. The rolling length of fixed-length rolling depends on the thickness of the roller, and the workpiece does not move axially during rolling. Machine Features: 1. Use rotary roller shaft to roll the workpiece. 2. Short processing time and fast production rate. 3. The


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